Seminar and Workshop


Disseminating the spirit of Waqf

Building Awareness is a must

Waqf has played an important role in the economy of Islamic world in the past; with a carefully orchestrated campaign, it will also be in the future.

Recently, there are plenty of studies and literatures examine the historical role and legal configurations of waqf. However, there are only few studies focusing and describing on the legal aspect on contemporary waqf.

Waqf is one of the Islamic Economics pillars, which has not been much discussed by Islamic economists, practitioners or even government. Actually, waqf is a potential source of funding, so it could continue to provide socio-economic benefits to the society perpetually.

Therefore education and dissemination of waqf to the community in the form of seminars, workshops, public lectures, and Tabligh Akbar is a must.

Education of endowments by focusing on the Fiqh of Waqf to the general public has been carried out by running a campaign and educational movement. Its called GISWAF (Indonesian Awareness of Waqf Movement). GISWAF is carried out by doing the National Waqf Roadshow to various provinces and Regency/City so that a Waqf Awareness Community arises.

The education of endowments are also carried out with Tabligh Akbar and Waqf Seminar to Mosque manager and Educational Foundation, as well as the Waqf Training to general public specifically the waqf practitioner.


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