Nazhir Waqf Certification

Why certification is needed?

Waqf is a legal action by a wakif (a donor who carries out waqf) to donate and/or hand a portion of his asset over to be used forever or for a certain period of time in accordance with his interest for religious purposes and/or general welfare based on sharia (Islamic law).

Indonesian Waqf Institution (BWI) released 414.246.429 hectares of the waqf land in Indonesia. However, the majority of the land is non-productive land. The biggest obstacle is that a Nazhir (the party who administer and manage waqf asset) is less professional. In relation to it, Nazhir Waqf Certification (NWC) UNIDA Gontor takes part to hold professional Nazhir training.

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About Nazhir Waqf Certification

In 2018, Nazhir Waqf certification (NWC) pioneered a certification program for candidates of certified Nazir Waqf in the world and served as an Educational Program Institution of the first Nazhir Waqf training. CNW is also a strategic partner of Bank Indonesia (BI), BWI, and Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA). Having training experiences done by the world endowments experts, the NWC is going to carry out NWC Program for participants and Nazhir waqf throughout the world. Currently, NWC seeks to be a pioneer of the educational institution of NWC program.

The Mission

The Mission of Nazhir Waqf Certification (NWC) is to provide an excellent waqf training program which offers an Islamization approach to waqf knowledge, helps its participants understanding about waqf, and applies waqf applications or waqf management processes. NWC has a qualified & experienced teaching team which consists of waqf scholars who also serve as waqf practitioners. The NWC team fully commits to provide quality education and support excellent services. The main goal of NWC is to prepare its participants to be professional Nadzir who are able to manage waqf assets effectively and efficiently.

What is the Nazhir Waqf Certification?

NWC is a prestigious and highly respected waqf certification institution in the waqf area. It was established as a professional institution to train future prominent Nazhir waqf in the waqf industry. As vocational education which has a rigorous education, extensive waqf industry experiences, and sustainable education, NWC practitioners will be known as tough and professional Nazhir.

Who Should Participate
  • Nazhir Waqf who is in charge of waqf assets
  • Leaders of Pesantren (Islamic Institution) and/or alumni of Pesantren
  • Individuals who want a career in the waqf area.
The Module
  • Fiqh of waqf
  • The strategy of collecting waqf funds
  • Waqf Management
  • The Strategy of distributing results and Benefits of waqf
  • Waqf risk management
  • Legal entity about waqf in Indonesia
  • Research on waqf